About Us

Our company was founded in 2000 by Serhan Yanık, who has worked in the leading companies of the optical sector for many years and transferred his experience and knowledge to his own business in the most efficient way.

We aim to give our customers a sense of quality service, fast solution, and above all trust and sincerity. We always keep moral values above material profits. In today's world, we closely follow the rapidly changing and developing technological developments and aim to remain pioneer and dynamic. 20 years, particularly the contact lenses industry, our company delivers to customers the best brands with the best prices on the market and introduce the color contact lens brand Solotica to Turkey in 2012. The share of the promotion and recognition of Solotica brand and even being the best brand in the market is undoubtedly the product of the anticipated and visionary marketing approach of the Optik Dünyası. We continue to work diligently to present its reliable image, which it has created with the principle of customer satisfaction is free advertising, to you, our valuable business partners, in the field of optics frames and sunglasses in the coming days. With Evoke brand sunglasses and Vinaldi Tr90 optical frames, we aim to bring together the best quality at affordable prices and we wish to take a long journey with you by making our name with the most up-to-date models.